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Data Recovery-Advanced Data Recovery from Hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards,

Advanced Data Recovery from Hardrives, USB sticks, memory cards, etc

If you are hearing clicking or knocking sounds coming from inside your box or laptop, then turn it off immediately!! Computer Repairs Pronto can help you.

USB flash drives blinking? Not being recognised? Lights go on then off?

This could be a failing hard drive/USB/memory card, which will result in data loss if its not addressed as soon as possible.

We can replace the hard drive/USB stick/memory card, but what about the lost data??

We do data recovery which involves removing the hard drive from a desktop computer or laptop and having it examined by data recovery experts, who will recommend the best strategy to recover the missing data!

We even handle mechanical/electrical failure , which involves dismantling the drive, replacing the defective components and putting it all back together, with the result being your data is brought back to life!

We even do chip transplants from USB/Memory cards to facilitate the recovery of your precious data!

It’s all possible, so please don’t despair, call us to find out more !